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Growing a business is hard work. With everything needed just to keep the machine running, it's easy to get caught with your old playbooks.

We're building Highlights to help businesses unlock new growth.

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Our Beliefs

Information Overload Is Real
There's never been so much data and information available. Businesses can reach new heights by harnessing the full power of their marketing data.
Everyone Should Use Data
People from all profiles in an organization benefit from using data. Data shouldn't be confined to a team or department.
Data-Driven is the New Black
Businesses are getting smarter every day. The teams leveraging best-available data, knowledge and instinct will always be the most successful.
Data Needs to Drive Action
Businesses collect so much information. Good data supports decision-making and drives action. Everything else is just noise.
Software Can't Get in the Way
Some products were designed to steal time, Highlights wasn't. Our product is only successful when it gets out of the way fast.
Powerful Simplicity
Complex products are difficult to adopt, require training and don't help drive focus. We create smart, simple, and highly-contextual software.

Our Story

The story of Highlights began at LANDR, where Ludo and I used to work.

I was in charge of customer engagement, and Ludo was in charge of front-end development.

At that time, LANDR was signing up thousands of music creators each week.

With so many users signing up to use the free mastering tool, our attention soon turned to conversion.

To upsell the free users, we eventually came up with a solution: a mix of product messaging, email sequences, InApp messages and landing pages. It was very effective, but in spite of all the automation, the process proved difficult to manage.

With hundreds of emails and messages working in conjunction with the product and the customer segmentation, we were spending hours each week analyzing and prioritizing optimization opportunities. The results were worth the trouble, but it always felt like there should be a better way..

Ludo and I both love data, marketing and smart and simple products. We joined forces in January 2018, and after a few twists and turns, we decided to try and find a solution to this very problem.

After a lot of research and experimentation (in Excel, no less), we came up with what would eventually become Highlights

- Étienne

The First Version of Highlights was an Excel Spreadsheet
The First 'Prototype' of Highlights

Our Values

Create Maximum Value
Never become complacent! What creates and sustains a business is the value it creates. We aim to create maximum value for our users, our team and our customers.
Make Objective Decisions
We listen to our users, look at data, weigh alternatives, and communicate transparently when we make decisions. Highlights will only be as good as the decisions we make; objectivity is key.
Aim High & Iterate
Creating a great team, a great product or a great business is hard work. We can never be certain of the path to get there; iteration is at the core of everything we do.

Our Team

Ludovic Thomas, Highlights Co-Founder
Ludovic Thomas, Co-Founder

Ludovic co-founded Greencopper, a mobile and web platform for event-goers used in more than 15 countries. He led the company's global solution architecture, managed the tech team, and product roadmap. His team shipped over 150 native mobile applications in a year.

After exiting Greencopper, Ludovic joined LANDR where he became technical owner for the desktop app used by over 100k music creators around the world. At Highlights, Ludovic is responsible for the product.

Étienne Garbugli, Co-Founder

Étienne is a two-time startup founder (Flagback and HireVoice) and the author of Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want. The Lean B2B methodology helps thousands of entrepreneurs and innovators around the world build successful businesses.

In 2015, Étienne joined LANDR as head of customer engagement. There, he helped create and optimize a full customer lifecycle communication program that contributed to a revenue growth of 4x in two years. At Highlights, Étienne is responsible for customer success.

Étienne Garbugli, Highlights Co-Founder

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