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Pro bloggers need traffic to monetize their blogs. Highlights helps grow free organic search traffic with unique search insights and prioritization.

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How Highlights Helps Pro Bloggers

Grow Organic Search Traffic
Highlights provides tools to help grow your organic search traffic. It analyzes keywords and performance and makes actionable recommendations.
Track All Your Content
Highlights makes it easy to surface insights on your posts, newsletters, emails, and landing pages. It gives you a clear picture of everything.
Capture Email Addresses
Quickly identify your best-performing pages. Target these pages with content upgrades or affiliate links to grow your conversions and revenue.
Identify Search Issues
Highlights tracks growth and slowdowns. It analyzes traffic channels to let you know whether your content is ranking or not on search engines.
See Your Content's ROI
Highlights reports on how your efforts affect conversions. It helps you quickly track the performance of your content, and how it ties in with your goals.
Simplify Your Workflow
Stop chasing data and insights across tools. Highlights centralizes search, email marketing, and content performance in one central account.
Prioritized Traffic Opportunities


Highlights helps pro bloggers find their most and least-performing content in a flash. It identifies search and conversion improvements, and prioritizes recommendations based on the impact those changes could have on your blog.

Search Insights

Highlights analyzes keyword performance and search traffic. It helps you reinforce organic search positioning, grow search traffic, and capitalize on high-traffic keyword opportunities for your blog.

Change Tracking

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“Just what I needed! Getting actionable data from Google Analytics is a nightmare. Highlights gave me 4-5 solid ideas on how to improve different pages on my website.”

Christoph Engelhardt, Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook

Christoph Engelhardt
Author of the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook